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Csiro Scientific Calculator

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Manufacturer/Supplier: Csiro Computer Co., Ltd
Manufacturer Website Address:
Brand Name: Csiro
Product Model: FX-9860GII
Functions: Graphing: 

20 x Y= Equations to Graph, Parametric, Polar, Sequence, Constant(X=), Inequality (auto shading), Zoom, Trace, Dynamic, Transformation, Conics



, Table of Function Values, Fixed Decimal Options, Scientific Notation(10 + 2), Fraction Operations, Interactive Equation Solver, Simultaneous Equation Solver(Up to 6), Polynomial Root Finder(Up to 3), Complex Numbers, Matrices(Up to 55 x 55), Vectors, Recall and Edit Last Entry, Spreadsheet Capabilities


Computer Math:

, Calculates in Dec, Calculates inHex, Calculates inOct, Calculates inBinary, Logic Operations


Discrete Math:

, Recursive Sequences



, Geometric Constructions and Transformations (add-in)



, Sin, Cos, Tan, Inverses, Hyperbolic, Degrees-Radians-Grads Conversions


Stats and Data Analysis:

, One and Two-Variable Statistics, Median, Quartiles, Intermediate Statistics, Combinations, Permutations, Random Numbers, Regression Models, 10 x Estimated Values for Regression Graph, Degrees of Polynomial Regressions(2,3,4), Histograms, Scatter Plots, Box and Whisker Plots, 26 x Number of Lists, 999 x List Length, Inferential Statistics, Probability Distributions, One and Two Sample Z and T tests, Chi-Squared, Anova, F Tests, Z and T Interval Tests, 7 x Distributions ( and )



, Numeric Differentiation, Integration, Maximum, Minimum



, Interactive Equation Solver



, Degree-Minute-Secondlt;gt;Decimal Degree, Polarlt;gt;Rectagular, Formula Solver, Periodic Table(add-in), Progra



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