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Greenway Smart Stove

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    • Size (L x B x H) - 9.8" x 7.6" x 11.6"
    • Build Materials - Steel and Aluminium with Bakelite Handles
    • Loading Capacity - 25 Kgs
    • BIS Compliant - Yes
    • No Moving Parts
    • Intuitive front-feeding hearth with special fuel tray
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Works on all solid biomass fuels (wood, dry-dung, agro-residue etc.)


A single burner, high-efficiency cook stove designed for long-term, everyday use. The stove can use any type of solid biomass fuel including, but not limited to, wood, cow dung and agricultural waste. The patent-pending design produces 70% less smoke and uses 65% less fuel than traditional mud cookstoves. It adds convenience to users lives by reducing the time and/or money they must spend collecting or buying fuel and allowing for a more comfortable cooking experience.

Is it efficient?

Laboratory and field tests confirm that the Greenway Smart Stove greatly increases the efficiency with which fuel is burned. How does it do that? By more fully combusting fuel placed in its hearth, burning up small particles that would otherwise be emitted as smoke. This is accomplished by an innovative lampshade-shaped reducer cone that pulls air up through the bottom of the stove into the combustion chamber. The result is a product that requires drastically less fuel, no moving parts and, as a result, very little maintenance.


Does it lessen smoke?

The Greenway Smart Stove reduces smoke emissions by up to 80%. Users and their families immediately notice the difference – less coughing, less stinging eyes, less soot on the walls. In the long term, it also positively impacts their health; according to a recent study, household air pollution from open fires kills 4 million people every year and is the #1 health risk in South Asia. The reduction in smoke emissions also stops 2 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions from entering the atmosphere every year.


Is it adoptable?

The Greenway Smart Stove is the result of an intensive 12-month research and co-creation process, during which the Greenway team collaborated with potential consumers across 5 states, producing 10 different stove prototypes based on their input. As a result, the product requires little to no behavior change for consumers, allowing it to be readily adopted. In fact, a study by a third-party NGO revealed that 74% of users were satisfied with the stove.



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Life saverReview by Suraj
This is a life saver in a situation when there is no gas and electricity. The stove cooks fast and produces less smoke. I use it inside kitchen. (Posted on 12/30/2015)

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