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SU-KAM DIGITAL HOME UPS 250VA/12V New Micron (200 watts)

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  • Portable: Good looks, lightweight, shock proof and easy to move.
  • Power saving: 50% faster battery charging as compared to ordinary UPS.
  • Protects battery from deep discharge: Alerts the user with a buzzer sound in battery mode.
  • Powers heavy load like TV: Capable of withstanding high influx of current up to 300% of its actual capacity.
  • Protects appliances: Enhanced protection to appliances in case of short circuit and overload with auto reset and alarm feature.
  • Fuzzy Logic Control Patented Technology: A patented charging technology from the R&D labs of Su-Kam that enhances battery life by regulating the charging process.
  • High efficiency: Micron Digital UPS is Based on advanced microcontroller technology, which improves the efficiency of the system & provides clean power.
  • Combo Pack: Micron is Su-Kam's unique invention and the only branded product available in the market in this range. This small UPS is a powerhouse performer and can adequately serve the need of a shop or a household.
    Micron Digital UPS – 250 VA available in combo only with Macroz battery 50ah (Tubular)
    Micron Digital UPS – 150 VA available in combo only with Macroz battery 25ah (Tubular)

Capacity 250VA*



3 CFLs*

upto 26 hrs

1 Table Fan

upto 3.5 hrs

1 CFL + 1 TV

upto 3 hrs

1 Laptop

upto 4 hrs

**Recommended on 50 Ah battery


Additional Info

Additional Info

Inverter Type Digital Home UPS


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