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SU-KAM PURE SINE WAVE HOME UPS 1500VA/24V Smiley/ Falcon (1200 Watts)

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  • The looks: Breaking away from traditional style, the R&D team has given Smiley Sine Wave UPS a very futuristic and smart look. A robust color scheme makes it a lifestyle product beautiful enough to add glamour to your interiors and enhance the living spaces.
  • Shock proof: This Sine Wave UPS comes in a high grade polycarbonate body that assures 100% protection from electric shocks in case of any physical contact with the product. Which means, you have no fear of your kids touching it while running around the house.
  • Fire retardant: Polycarbonate is also fire retardant and can withstand temperatures as high as 200-250 degree Celsius. These advantages make Smiley one of the safest electric household products in the market.
  • SMD Technology: The PCB card based on Surface Mount Device Technology makes Smiley small in size.
  • Sine Wave UPS Technology: A pure Sine wave UPS produces a near perfect sine wave output (less than 3% total harmonic distortion) that is essentially the same as utility-supplied grid power. Thus, sine wave UPSs guarantee a distortion free flow of electricity, which is helpful in case of sensitive electronic devices such as laptops, desktop computers and so on.
  • Enhanced Protection: It  can automatically shuts down in case of situations like short circuit, high temperature, power overload and low battery. It is also built with audio and visual alarm signals in events like power overload, mains failure etc.
  • High Surge Handling Capacity: It can handle high inflow of current up to 300% of its actual capacity.
  • Convenient Trolley: To keep your floors spotless and to ensure safety for your loved ones, the Smiley Sine Wave UPS package comes with a screw-less mobile plastic trolley. The trolley is easy to install or dismantle and is anti-scratch.

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Additional Info

Inverter Type Pure Sinewave Home UPS


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